Beautiful Ideas for Beautiful Gardens

Garden Backyard designs? Patio ideas? Garden planning?

How many of us are looking out onto frosty gardens right now and longing for the day we can get back out there and start preparing for the spring and summer planting and designing? For all those who are in hotter climates, enjoy the heat for the rest of us and join us in designing fabulous gardens and barbq havens!

Here’s 4 inspiring ideas for creating the garden of your dreams…

1. Design your garden ~ how do you want to feel when you walk into your garden

Garden art for pleasure
Lazing on a Sunday afternoon...

Have fun designing your garden, draw your ideal garden space, research fabulous gardens on line, play with children and see what colors, shapes and hideaways they might enjoy, meditate in the space and see what images and sensations come to you, put pictures of flowers or magazine garden designs around the garden where they intuitively feel gorgeous.

Go away and come back with fresh eyes and see what jumps out at you and feels just right.

2. Backyard Designs ~ what do you want to see when you walk into your garden?

Overflowing rustic produce for a feeling of growth and abundance

If you’ve got room, time and green fingers for plants and flowers then no doubt you’ll be filling your space with lush nature.

But if you want a flash of color or flowers galore in your garden, here’s an easy way to have flowers all year round  Talavera tile murals.

Murals can feature as a centre-piece among lush trailing greenery or stand out alone like a picture on a wall. They are easy to clean and gorgeously decorative for outdoor dining and entertaining.

3. Small Garden Ideas ~ small but perfectly formed

Dazzling abstract flower designs for individualized style

To make the most of a small area use Talavera tiles on the walls so you’ve got color and design despite having a small space.

These flowery tiles can also be mixed and matched with one color tiles or made a feature across a wall in diagonals or lines.

It’s best to have some plain color tiles too to make the space look and feel bigger. White gives a feeling of openness but yellows and oranges give warmth and a sunny feel.

4. Patio Ideas ~ adding atmosphere and glow

Atmospheric lights to woo your guests
Atmospheric lights to woo your guests

Patio designs can be tricky if you don’t have much nature or space.

But you’ve always got control over the lighting and creating the atmosphere you want.

These adorable little candle holders have leaves hanging down the sides which cast a shadow on the wall. Place them in the corner of two walls so you get two spaces glimmering with light and shadow.

They also look great hanging in trees as long as it’s done safely and they’re perfect for laying a table on your patio.

Enjoy you gardens whatever they look and feel like!

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