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Talavera Murals

Welcome to our Talavera tile murals. Our mural artists love sharing their tile murals throughout the world and make beautiful wall tile murals ideal for any interior design as well as garden d├ęcor or any exterior design.

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Highlighting Murals

Hand painted by Mexican artisans, tile murals serve as wonderful accents for a kitchen backsplash as they naturally form a centre-piece above the stove in a well-lit position. Talavera murals also complement ceramic tile bathroom designs and are particularly appropriate for decorative interior design for kitchens and hallways. Considered by many as a piece of art in their own right, Talavera murals can be displayed alone or surrounded by flat tiles which enhances the visual impact of the decorative wall murals. Mexican Talavera tile murals have deep roots in Mexican history. The Mayans and Aztecs painted scenes of everyday life onto the walls of their temples and palaces, depicting and documenting the battles and the celebrations, painting their dancers and musicians and leaving behind a legacy of creative expression. Mexican tile murals continue to tell stories and evoke emotional responses and the tile designs further emboss each story with their individual decorative ceramic accent. Talavera tiles and murals also add an individual touch to an original design and look stunning both indoors and outside under the sky. Each mural bears its own unique, vibrant and characterful design, combining style and tradition together. Terra Artesana's selection of Talavera tiles and murals represent the essence of Old Mexico and are also chosen because they are lightweight, relatively inexpensive and easily procured. Tile murals can be installed almost anywhere, most commonly as the kitchen backsplash, bath surround, wine cellar, fireplace or spa decoration. Having a mural is like living with a live piece of art. It warms you, excites you and transports you to another place.