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Highlighting Tiles

Talavera Frost Proof Tiles

Talavera offers a broad collection of frost proof tiles that are perfect for many uses. Designed especially for use in bathrooms, gardens, pools and other outdoor facilities These frost proof tiles are exceptionally durable with more resistance to stains with a less porous surface. Our frost proof tiles also come with strikingly beautiful designs that make use of both contemporary and traditional patterns.

Talavera Classic Tiles

Our classic tiles come in a number of versatile color combinations, as well as traditional. The colorful variety found in the Talavera traditional tiles are perfect for use in both contemporary and traditional decorative themes. Take the time to browse the themes and patterns found in our in collection, and select either a regular or red bisque finish. Our classic tiles are versatile enough to be used in many ways. Whether you use them as bathroom accents, as general flooring, as kitchen back splashes, as stairway borders, surrounding fireplaces, or even as table tops and outdoor decorations, the classic tiles are more than up to the task.

High Relief Tiles

High relief ceramic tiles traditionally feature prominent, hand-painted patterns and designs that are undercut into the actual tiles. These patterns are then strongly projected from the background, creating striking designs. High relief ceramic tiles are perfectly suited to be used as decorative kitchen back-splashes, or even as a part of a bathroom that makes use of heated ceramic floor tiles. You can even incorporate them into your garden or walk way for a degree of flamboyance in your exterior design.

Copper Tiles

Your kitchen back splash doesn't have to be boring, and your fireplace can become more thoroughly ingrained with your decor by using our gorgeous copper tiles. Choose from our dark patina, hammered, natural, or nickel finishes, and discover how copper tiles can complement and beautify homes with either contemporary or traditional interior design.

Talavera Murals

Talavera Murals are a perfect way to add an extra level of aesthetic beauty to your decorations. Our mural artists take pleasure in creating beautiful tile-based pieces that have been placed in homes and facilities around the globe. Our murals are a perfect choice for both interior and outdoor decor.

Frost Proof Tile Murals

For homes in cooler climates, our frost proof tile murals are ideal for beautifying home exteriors with the same creativity found in our standard murals, but with frost proof design elements to protect your decor.