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Frost Proof Non-slip Color Tiles

Frost Proof Non-slip Color Tiles

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Highlighting Talavera Frost Proof Tiles

It's a real aesthetic treat to stroll along the streets of Puebla, where these tiles are made and to catch glimpses of this quintessential aspect of Puebla’s baroque architecture. Named azulejos, the tiles have traditionally adorned façades of monasteries and community buildings as well as superbly decorated kitchens and bathrooms. Azulejos represented the prosperity of the building owners to the point of generating a local saying: 'that anyone who wasn't amounting to much in their life, would never have a Casa de Azulejos or a house of tiles'. Chic and stylish, this splendid architectural decor maintains a fabulous creativity and sense of success within the city. These tiles capture the passage of time and events, maintaining the essence of history through their visual montage of stunning color and creation.