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High Relief Trims and Moldings

Traditional high relief ceramic tiles have the prominent features of hand painted pattern undercut, allowing these aspects to be strongly projected from the background. High relief ceramic tiles are suited to decorative kitchen back-splashes, warming ceramic tile bathroom design and flamboyant decorative garden design.

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High Relief Trims and Moldings

Hand painted by Mexican artisans, high relief tiles are considered by many as a piece of art in their own right. High relief Talavera tiles can be displayed in a formation or surrounded by flat tiles which enhances the visual impact of the high relief decorative wall tiles. Mexican ceramic tiles have deep roots in Mexican history. The Mayans and Aztecs painted patterns of nature onto the walls of their temples and palaces, leaving behind a legacy of creative expression. Mexican tiles continue to evoke emotional responses and the high relief tile designs further enhance visual impact with their individual decorative ceramic accent.