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Mexican Talavera Pedestal Sink 'Lilies'

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Mexican Talavera Pedestal Sink 'Lilies'Mexican Talavera Pedestal Sink 'Lilies'
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  • Mexican Talavera Pedestal Sink 'Lilies'
  • Mexican Talavera Pedestal Sink 'Lilies'


Enjoy discovering the creativity of bathroom design with our delicately hand painted ceramic Lillies pedestal sink. Delight in the delicate elegance of the lillies as they nestle into their green foliage, filling modern bathroom decor with gorgeous aliveness. Vibrant design in every corner of life.

Additional Information

Special Features N/A
Item # ST101
Weight Lbs. 9.0000
Color No
Talavera Sink Size No
Installation No
Size L 15" x W 18" x H 34"
Drain Size 1.5" Diameter
Material Talavera, hand painted
Overflow 3 holes, 1/2" each

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We are also happy to produce a sink with your very own design. Just contact us. Let your imagination flow and enjoy your creation! Have a look at our toilet sets as well. There you have a whole range of bathroom accessories and your choice of sink coming with the toilet, all matching in the same design.


The sink is wall mounted and comes with a matching pedestal that will cover the rather unaesthetic pipes. It can be installed as any other wall mounted sink. The height of the sink including the pedestal is 34".

Note: Please remember that handmade crafts are not consistent in their dimensions due to the nature of being crafted by hand and a half inch variance should be allowed for in all planning and designing. Especially hand painted items will also have slight variations in the artistic implementation- that is what makes them so unique and charming.

Mariano Torres

Talavera is any handmade pottery, tiles and other ceramics and arts created by the earth's materials. Born from the Spanish pottery tradition called Majolica, this word had originated in Italy and refers to a process that the Italians used in the 14th Century to produce ceramics.

The name "Talavera" comes from the Spanish town, Talavera de la Reina. It is reported that artisans from this town traveled to Mexico in the 2nd half of the 16th century during Spain's colonization of the Americas. Their initial destination was Puebla, the city now most closely associated with Talavera tile and ceramics. The unique skills that these craftsmen brought with them can be traced to influences of Italy, North Africa, China and Northern Europe.

As commerce and travel increasingly interconnected different parts of the world during this colonial period, the products of these Spanish ceramicists became well known and admired throughout many parts of Latin America. It was during this period that the name "Talavera" became synonymous with the unique tile and ceramic designs flowing from the hands of these skilled craftsmen.

The clay is molded by hand or foot, then shaped and dried. The pieces are then fired at an extreme heat (850 degrees Celcius). Once they cool, they are submerged in glaze, which brings their color to life. Once dry, pieces are quite fragile and must be sanded and fired to prepare them for the decorative process.

Pieces are first coated with white enamel and then painted individually, always by hand, sometimes aided by stencils.

Caring for your Talavera Sink

Thankfully for all of us, a talavera sink is made from a low-maintenance material. Glazed ceramic is hard, strong, hygienic, easy-to-clean, fire resistant and are resistant to odors, stains and dirt.

To clean:

  • Use a sponge or damp mop with an ordinary non-abrasive household cleaner. Rinse and dry with cloth.
  • If white grout is used, you can occasionally whiten the grout with liquid bleach. Be careful to rinse afterwards.

    • Note:

      • Ceramic doesn't burn nor emit toxic fumes. Hot kitchen pans will not scorch or melt the surface of glazed ceramic tile.
      • Ceramic doesn't retain any allergens, bacteria, or odors.

Decorate your life

We believe that there's nothing more important than making life, our surroundings and our interactions with each other as beautiful, colorful and caring as possible. Design. Decorate. Live. Laugh. Make every corner of life full of vivacious color and humor. Blues, reds, yellows, greens, terracottas...

Decorate your home

Color alters the mood and atmosphere of every environment, bringing happiness, enhancing your mood and boosting the positive energy in your life. For centuries, home décor has enjoyed playing with different shades and hues. Each color is imbued with certain qualities that can be used creatively to stimulate certain feelings and impressions, such as:

Blue and green colors, particularly in lighter shades can induce calmness and relaxation.

Yellow is a revitalizing color and promotes positive, vibrant energy.

Some orange shades are known to make people cheerful and full of life.

Purple is considered as the wonderful color for providing comfort to your eyes and mind.

Neutral colors are considered as colors of nature and hence, are preferred by homeowners to induce peace and the sense of well being.

While choosing any of these colors, make sure it goes well with the furniture and other decors installed in the room by using color charts and complementing textures.

Is the drain size standard?

The tub has a standard American drain size of 1.5 inches to accommodate a standard American plumbing drain.

Does the sink have an overflow?

There 3 overflow holes of 0.5 inches diameter each.

How long will it take to have my order delivered?

Most orders are usually delivered within 7 to 20 business days. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have special requirements.

Why can it take up to 20 business days to deliver my handicraft?

The vast majority of our handicrafts are custom made. Our skilled artisans begin to work on each unique handicraft once you have placed your order, bringing you a unique piece of craftsmanship, made only days before you receive it. The artisans are relatively fast in crafting your item and your order is usually ready to ship in 3 to 10 business days.

As soon as your unique handicraft is ready we ship it to you. If you live in the USA (48 lower states), shipping is free and it usually takes 4 to 10 business days. Express shipping and international shipping are available; in this case and / or if you have specific requirements we advise you contact us prior to placing an order so that we can serve you in the best and most efficient way.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. We will be happy to answer them. That will help us as well to keep this section updated and customize it according to your interests and needs.