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Copper Bathroom Sinks

Delight in our handcrafted drop-in and vessel copper bathroom sinks and their shining elegance or sophisticated matte finish. Choose round, square or oval, hand-painted with intricate flower detail or rustic hammered copper. A unique and extraordinary way to bring style and character to your bathroom.

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Copper Bathroom Sinks

Copper bathroom sinks add an extra sense of design finesse. Complementary to farmhouse decors and rustic villa interiors alike as well as being completely versatile in merging any style you choose, copper sinks can transform your private washing space into a place that you long to linger. Decorators have long coveted its richly textured surface and sought out the intricate designs of floral vines, swirls, sea shells or chosen the elegant simplicity of the shining, smooth bowl. You can choose to maintain the shiny finish or let it age organically, place it against granite, slate or wood or present it offset against stunning painted walls. And having anti-bacterial properties, copper functions as a defense against germs. Many hospitals install copper doorknobs, push panels and other hardware to protect against the transfer of disease.