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Mexican Copper Bathtub 'Eterno'-L 68" x W 31" x H 32"-Side Drain-Dark Patina

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Mexican Copper Bathtub 'Eterno'-L 68" x W 31" x H 32"-Side Drain-Dark Patina


Gorgeous copper curves embrace you as you slide into a luxuriously relaxing hot bath. Installing a copper bath tub into your bathroom adds rustic yet graceful style. Hand hammered with natural (pictured) or dark patina finish, this tub combines the exclusive and impressive solidity of the traditional old bathtub with a contemporary feel. You can choose from two sizes, two drain locations and two different finishes, please select from 'Bathtub Size', 'Drain Location' and 'Copper Finish' below.

Additional Information

Special Features No
Item # BC003-L 68" x W 31" x H 32"-Side Drain-Dark Patina
Weight Lbs. No
Color Brown
Bathtub Size L 68" x W 31" x H 32"
Drain Location Side Drain
Copper Finish Dark Patina
Style No
Size please choose below
Material 100% pure copper
Copper Gauge 16
Finish No
Drain Size 2" Diameter

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Special offer:

This tub is on special offer for $ 2199 (including shipping within the US) with a size of L 72" x W 32" x W 32" with natural patina and center drain. For a quote to other destinations please contact us.


To match the tub with the style of your bathroom and your personal preferences, you can choose above to have natural or dark patina. The samples in the thumbnails give you an additional idea of the colors.

The bathtub is designed to fit your personal tastes and bathroom dimensions, so it comes in 2 sizes: regular at 68" and big at 72" inches, both with a width of 31" and a height of 32".

And you can choose as well whether you prefer to have the drain hole located on the side or in the middle. Just select above.

However we are happy to custom build other sizes for you or to implement any other requirements or wishes you might have. Just contact us and let's talk about it.

Note: Please remember that handmade crafts are not consistent in their dimensions due to the nature of being crafted by hand and a half inch variance should be allowed for in all planning and designing. Also, due to variations in products and monitor settings, images may differ from the actual product.

Juan Jose Saucedo

This Mexican copper piece is handmade of pure copper that is carefully manufactured by Juan Jose Saucedo in Santa Clara del Cobre (Copper in Spanish), a small town situated in central Mexico. And the name is for a reason. Most of the people living here are dedicated to the ancient tradition of the fabrication of hammered bathroom copper sinks and bathtubs. The art of working with copper has been transmitted from generation to generation in Juan Jose's family, so everyone in the family works in the shop preserving this ancient art while creating these striking copper items.

Hammered copper has its origins in pre-Columbian Mexico. Juan Jose Saucedo's family has been in this business for generations and one thing that remains untouched is the love and passion they put in every item they create.

Juan Jose Saucedo says: "our biggest joy is to receive news that our work comes to life in houses thousands of kilometers from our home…it makes you dream".

About his craftswork, Juan Jose Saucedo says: "once the metal is melted with heat, we hammer it at least 200 times to shape the piece we are creating. To obtain the natural color the piece is heated and introduced in water. For the dark and light coffee colors, we use a technique with fire to give the different tonalities". The basic tool Juan Jose uses is the hammer and tongs combined with the power of fire. He makes all his tools by hand since the family doesn't use any machinery in their facilities and only recycled copper with the highest level of purity. "It would not be possible to manufacture with such a quality if it was not for the purity of the copper.

My grandfather taught my father and I the skills and techniques. Slowly, drop by drop I have been absorbing the skills needed for this wonderful job. My father has won awards Internationally and nation wide and I myself have won first and second places awards nation wide and Internationally. We are 8 people in the family and men and women work as a team to comply with any order. Most of us are winners of different prizes and awards within this guild".

Juan Jose's craftwork endeavors to be a testimony to history and tradition. Craftsmanship has somehow evolved over the years but what remains untouched is the love and passion from which his family and him work in every item they create. Their joy is truly to receive news that their hard work is being appreciated.

Caring for your Copper Bathtub

Copper is extremely resilient, requires minimum care and lasts for generations. One reason for copper’s long life is its protective patina. Heat is applied to the copper bathtub to protect the surface and produce the unique patina color required by the artisan. Our copper baths experience natural changes that occur with age (over time and with normal use) that enhance the finish and lend the sink its unique character and beauty. One of the great delights of copper is this 'living patina finish'. Such evolving variations in color and patterns make each bath a completely individual work of art. You may notice shades of blue, green, black or richer, browner tones that develop due to water quality and sunlight. Some people enjoy copper simply because of this rustic, 'living finish' whereas others prefer to maintain the shiny coppery glow.

Maintaining the rustic, 'living finish' look:

  • Simply wash your bath with a soft cloth and a small amount of mild soap. Rinse well and pat dry with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Pat dry with a cloth after each use.
  • Be aware that calcium deposits may also appear if you go for this look. Again some people like this aging dynamic and appearance but if you prefer not to have it, all you have to do is to wash them gently as above when they appear.

Maintaining the shiny coppery glow:

  • First wash with a soft, wet cloth and a small amount of mild soap. Pat dry.
  • Every 15/20 days, buff with a small amount of wax, allow the wax to bond and then buff.

  • Be aware of:

    • Never use abrasive material such as brush, scouring pad or abrasive cleaners or polishers to clean surfaces.
    • Hair products, toothpaste and other household chemicals can discolor your tub. Do not allow these to dry on the surface.

    Copper has a natural defense against germs. As it's naturally 'biostatic', bacteria growth is inhibited on its surface and so its defense against germs is 30 times more effective than stainless steel.

    Additionally, copper is acting as a heat reservoir and thermal storage system, therefore the tub stays warm for a longer time- during your bathing time and afterwards.

Decorate your life

What's more delicious than sliding into a sensual hot tub? Maybe moving ever so slightly to allow another person to join you... gorgeous!

Close the bathroom door, grab hold of those gorgeous moments of serenity and take those treasured moments to yourself seriously!

Decorate your home

Set your bathroom scene with a fabulous centerpiece and create a hub of coppery fantasy, adorn with copper accessories or contrast with sun-kissed wood or any strong color.

Is the drain size standard?

The tub has a standard American drain size of 2 inches to accommodate a standard American plumbing drain.

Does the tub have an overflow?

Since the bathtub is free standing, there would be no way to drain the water. So there is no overflow.

How long will it take to have my order delivered?

Most orders are usually delivered within 7 to 20 business days. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have special requirements.

Why can it take up to 20 business days to deliver my handicraft?

The vast majority of our handicrafts are custom made. Our skilled artisans begin to work on each unique handicraft once you have placed your order, bringing you a unique piece of craftsmanship, made only days before you receive it. The artisans are relatively fast in crafting your item and your order is usually ready to ship in 3 to 10 business days.

As soon as your unique handicraft is ready we ship it to you. If you live in the USA (48 lower states), shipping is free and it usually takes 4 to 10 business days. Express shipping and international shipping are available; in this case and / or if you have specific requirements we advise you contact us prior to placing an order so that we can serve you in the best and most efficient way.

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