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4 good reasons to fall in love with Mexican handicrafts


Mexican handicrafts have many qualities. A rich historical heritage, deep cultural meaning, a role in beautifying and pleasing us and a place in the never-ending growth of artistic uniqueness. Delve deeper into these 4 great reasons why to fall in love with Mexican handicrafts.


History making the past come alive ~ Talavera Pottery




Talavera pottery and all the beautiful designs that come with it were one of the gifts brought over to Mexico by the Spaniards in the 16th Century.

Mexican artisans were quick to integrate the colorful patterns into their own long tradition of pottery and quickly merged their skills with the delicate hand painted designs of Talavera richness.

Such gorgeous patterns remind us of the healthy historical union of Spanish and Mexican communities ~ long live the union of communities.


Culture enriching our lives ~ The Aztec Calender




The Aztec Calendar is not just a pretty face. By all means enjoy it for it’s symmetry, hand crafted technique and natural wood but the calendar has far reaching cultural meaning.

The Aztecs used two different calendars. One measured time and was used to help farmers plan when they would plant their crops so they would harvest the best crop.

The other calendar illustrated religious festivals and advised people when to consult their Gods.

Full of cultural wisdom and practical guidance.



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ~ Handcrafted Mirrors



Mexican handcrafted mirrors have a certain allure about them. This is one of my favourites with it’s blue flowers and green leaves shaped into an ornamental design above and below. A mirror, but more than a mirror, a proper piece of art too!

Beauty really does open the eye…I’ve mentioned this before and it strikes me again. Think about a lush mountain scene or a beautiful sunny day, a well-dressed woman or a piece of art…I just love the way it makes me stop, look and smile.

“Mirror on the wall…who’s the fairest of them all?” We’ll never agree on the answer and how boring it would be if we did. But some things we can agree on. Mountains, sunshine, lovely ladies and men and fabulous art.


Uniqueness reinforcing our individuality ~ Woodcarver Ruelas



There’s nothing quite like a hand made, hand carved craft to express a feeling of individuality and uniqueness.

Miguel Ruelas is a wonderful wood carver who puts all his creative passion into designing and carving these magnificent horse sculptures.

I love the poise and elegance of this horse, decorated with a sweet rose, maybe it’s a bridal horse or simply out for a Sunday stroll. It would stand on my mantle-piece to represent my love of movement and nature, but that’s just me.


Thought for the day ~ On a day just after one of the most important elections in the world, Terra Artesana wishes everyone all of the qualities that we speak of here and people across the globe have been talking about


integrating history for all our benefit

celebrating cultural similarities and differences

embracing beauty in every way

supporting uniqueness


4 Good Reasons To Fall In Love With Mexican Handicrafts

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